Buck George.

a picture of buck Buck George is an average, ordinary, middle-aged, overweight computer programmer by day, and an average, ordinary, middle-aged, overweight husband and father by night.

After graduating high school in 1995, Buck attended some form of higher education four times, finally earning a degree in computer science in 2009, after having previously studied music, photography, and graphic design. Buck now makes his living as a computer programmer which, let's face it, rarely involves actual computer science.

A few years ago, Buck started a part-time photography business, but found the repetitive nature of table-top commercial work most repetitive, iterative, and relatively uninteresting. Then he started making "fine art" photographs that nobody wanted to buy. In the process of giving up said photography business, Buck took a basic drawing class. He did okay, but he has very little time to devote to drawing, wishes he had more.

On 7 November 2015, Buck ran across a TEDx talk by Emilie Wapnick and now self-identifies as a multipotentialite. This theory seems to explain Buck's general inquisitiveness, fascination, and obsession with such a wide variety of subjects, and his tendency to give up on whatever he's doing whenever he loses interest. To wit, because he's got what he came for.

In late August 2016, Buck started a youtube channel which reflects his wide variety of multipotentialite interests. He uploads videos, on no real regular schedule, which involve adventures with friends and family, various experiments and builds, and short opinion and documentary movies. He wishes he had a faster internet connection so that he didn't have to wait so damn long for a video to upload.

Buck lives with his wife and three (almost four) children in rural North Carolina. He commutes sixty miles per day (round trip) to his programming job in Greensboro. Until 30 September 2016, he made that commute in a 2007 F-150, on which day it was backed into by a fully-loaded 53-foot tractor-trailer. The F-150 was parked and unoccupied in the office parking lot. [Editor's Note: Only $1,500 in damages were inflicted upon the F-150, and Buck is happliy driving her again.]

Mr. George is best known for absolutely nothing at all, but amongst his friends and family he is considered to be an "okay guy."

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Buck mostly stays off social media these days, but he still has an active e-mail address: buck@buckgeorge.com. Send him a note. He's desperate for the contact (but don't tell him we said so).

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Oh, by the way...

Pictures of Buck found on this web site and most other places you'll find pictures of Buck—those pictures were taken by Matt Cuda. Buck's pretty happy with them.

This site was built by Buck himself, from scratch, in vi. He wants you to be impressed by this for some reason. Look down there He's got it at the bottom of every page! [Editor's Note: Not anymore, but the down-arrow is so cool we wanted to leave it in.]

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