Buck George.

Dream (of the Least of These)

I heard Jesus was standing under Kyoto bridge
and went out to meet him, under the pretext of
going to get a snack.

My keys in hand—because it was night and the
door would lock behind me—I went.

I found only the smokers, the dregs, the winos.

I helped my friend and his daughter cook food
for one of her homework assignments for a
class on multiculturalism.

I ended up talking movies to a co-worker who
had just seen some big action movie. I liked
to see films with a good story and a few good
characters, I said.

He said, "Like Robin Williams and Tim—uh?"

"Curry," I said.
                        "Right. Tim Curry. 
And they go door to door selling cookies as 
Wilderness Girls."

I don't tell him, but there is no such movie.


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